If you had a lot of friends as a child, you doubtless shared your toys with the people who were closest to you. If you were alone a lot, your toys might have been your best friends. However, whether you had a lot of friends or just one or two, did it ever occur to you to wonder what those toys were doing when your back was turned? Toys don’t get up and move… or do they?

Take a look at ten of these toys. They were all loved fiercely; they were the best friends of lonely children. You could tell them any secret, and they would be sure to keep it. The only problem might be that some of these toys have secrets of their own.

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Joan and Teddy

The Blitz was a terrifying time to be alive. Families could lose everything with a single bomb run by the Germans, and who lived and who died seemed largely up to chance. Who survives a war is a fascinating question; so is what survived the war. Here, a little girl named Joan hangs on to her teddy, which seems to gaze out of the photo with accusation.


Blitz Teddy

Blitz Teddy

Here’s another teddy that survived the Blitz. He’s been loved so hard that his fur has come off, but his eyes remain the same. They stare out of his leather face, and it’s pretty clear he’s seen too much. Someone put some new clothes on this sweet toy, but they don’t cover up his anger.


Shy Girl

Some toys seethe with anger, and other dolls have seen too much. Children are among the most vulnerable members of our society, and sometimes, the only witness to the darkness they carry is their dolls. What has this doll seen, and what is she going to do about it?



What if you were lying in bed one night, and you heard a whisper from the corner? At first you think it is a dream, but then you realize there are two voices, nearly identical, high and chittering. Disturbed, you turn on the light and see these two.

Happy Harry

yellow clown

Happy Harry is a ceramic clown painted yellow and red. He is fat and jolly. He is happy to see you. Don’t look too close at Happy Harry though. He’s not very good at being a clown. He hates it when people look at him. Don’t look at him.



Clapping Monkey

Stephen King wrong a terrifying story about a clapping money. In this story, every clap of the monkey’s cymbals heralded the death of someone close by. It seems simple enough, right? Don’t wind the money’s mechanism. Then you realize that you can’t shut it off. The monkey wants to clap. It wants to clap so much.


Substitute Doll

Some dolls are for children, and some dolls are for grown-ups. This doll is just the size of a real little girl. Maybe someone is lonely, and needs something to talk to in the evenings. This doll really doesn’t look like she has anything sweet or polite to say. As a matter of fact, if you listen to her talk, you may find that it takes you a long, long time to fall asleep tonight.


Old Bear

No one ever loved this bear. Maybe the dog came home with it clenched in its jaws one day. It became the dog toy, but after a while, the dog wouldn’t go near it. You might joke about your dog being a scaredy cat, but deep down, you know why your dog’s afraid, and you know it’s right to be so. You’ve heard it too, the creeping tread of little bear feet in the hall when everyone’s asleep. You’ve seen it move from room to room.


Crackerjack Scares

These nutcrackers aren’t really toys, but there’s something quite jolly about them. They break nuts throughout the holiday season, from walnuts to pecans, and you can always hear their cheerful crack-crack-crack whenever there are nuts around. Then the holiday season is over, but you still hear that crack-crack-crack. Only now, it’s getting closer, and you see three pairs of eyes peer over your bed.


Crawling Wonder

crawling doll

Imagine receiving this toy as a child. It’s a baby doll, and it crawls! Isn’t that clever? Will you still think its clever when it starts to crawl without your winding it up? What about when it turns its head to look at you? What about when it reaches for you with those weird hands and starts to say ‘Ma-ma! Ma-ma!’

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